Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Every morning I wake up and I have oatmeal.  I LOVE it! I sometimes put fruit in it, but always brown sugar!  I have heard about those people who can drink their breakfast, but that is NOT me.  Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day!  One reason, I fast every night after supper so breakfast is literally breaking the fast.  After my workout I have started a new tradition.  I make something I call a Green Machine.  I fill my Magic Bullet up with "green stuff" and ice.  It still adds up to 200 calories, so it better be worth it and I think it is good.   This is what I put in: Pear (absolutely necessary, because it covers the flavor of other green things), kiwi, kale (I just started eating kale for the first time, not bad), and spinach.  I used to add water to make it mix better, but I started adding coconut water.  Don't be fooled, it does not taste like coconut!  It actually tastes nasty on its own.

I passed a test yesterday.  I made some gooey delicious brownies and I only at ONE!!!!  Of course I ate one, but only eating one was a major accomplishment for me.  I guessed it to be 200 calories and counted it for my afternoon snack.  When I was making them I hurried and filled the pot with the leftover frosting with soapy water so I couldn't lick the frosting out! ha

Have a great day!!!  Be back tomorrow!

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  1. The smoothie sounds so good with pear in it! I've never thought of that! I'm getting tired of strawberries, bananas and green stuff.