Thursday, March 21, 2013

The weather where I live is -10 F today!  Ugh!!  Who feels like getting into shape and eating healthy?  I really don't, but I DID IT!  It is so hard when the weather is perfect for hibernating.  I have one "wintery" meal that I ate last night for supper that is super for you and great tasting.  I LOVE sweet potatoes!  I made fish and baked potatoes last night, but threw a few sweet potatoes in also.  I had sweet potatoes instead of regular white ones.  My kids even ate them for dessert smothered with butter and carmel sauce.  I figured the sugar rush was worth all the good vitamins they consumed.  I do put  a little butter on it and and have put things on it like brown sugar, agave, cane sugar, or even greek yogurt.  Hope the weather changes soon, but if not I will make the best out of it.  It's a good thing our joy isn't dependant on circumstances.  If it was, I would know a lot more crabby people.

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