Friday, March 8, 2013

Thanks for checking back!  Things are going well here with my journey.  As I was exercising the other day I kept thinking of the word accountability.  Yes, my food journal keeps me accountable.  My husband occasionally asks how it is going. (But I don't like to involve him, because he lost like 4lbs this week by watching ME eat fruit and exercise.)  I can be accountable to myself, but let's be honest;  I can talk myself into why eating more cookies is OK if I added whole wheat flour and wheat germ to them.  I need to give this whole thing over to God.  With HIM all things are possible.    

Dear God, Thank you for giving me so many wonderful things in my life.  I pray that you help me on my journey to better health.  I promise to be a good steward of all things in my life, including my body. Let me be an instrument for you, so I promise to take good care and condition of it.  Please give me self-control through your Holy Spirit.

May your weekend be Blessed!!  Take good care of the gift He has given you.


  1. I just prayed the same(ish) prayer yesterday! I am going through the same struggles! I will pray for you to reach your goals if you will pray for me (I'll actually pray for you even if you don't pray for me, lol)! You can do it!! ~Jenny

    1. Ha! Well, I will pray for you. God, help Jenny today and give her a heart that is after you. Please help her in all her decisions today, big and small. Help her to make all her choices glorify YOU! Amen. Miss you Jenny, DeEtte.

  2. You're inspiring me to keep up with yoga now! (Although now I want to try your whole grain waffle brownies!)