Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Success!  My goal yesterday was to write everything I put into my mouth and add the calories.  It was hard!!  I have a couple different food journals at home.  I prefer the pencil and paper style, but I have tried some apps.  I had an email from a friend who is having success with an app on her phone.   Whatever works!

Well, first things first.  I needed to assess the damage.  I went and found a weight chart to find where I am at.  Now, I have heard in the past that you can't go by those.  I have found them to be just brutally honest!  So, I found a chart online and mapped out my goal weight.  If I am going to be on the very high end of the curve, one pound away from overweight, 126 lbs.  I found a number that WORKS, not just looks good.  I still want to eat cookies every now and then.  When you're only 60 inches tall, it's the pits!  I also found a calorie counter.
A. Your weight, in pounds: ____
B. A x 15 = _____
C. B - 500 = _____
I go by calories.  Some people go by points, carbs, or whatever.  This has worked for me so I will stick with it.  I use a food journal.  I think it is a must!!!  You need to write everything down and be accountable.  You have no idea how those handfuls of little things add up.  So, I will be locking up the bag of chocolate chips that I polish off handfuls at a time!

My other goal is to exercise, or just sweat, everyday except Sunday.  I am taking that Sabbath rule literally! Also, everyone needs a break so I will celebrate it on the Lord's day.  I will talk more about that as the days come, but I will not be going to a gym.  I did get a treadmill at home, but if you don't have a treadmill......I lost 20 pounds a few years ago by going to the wonderful gym called OUTDOORS.  I hit the trails and gravel roads and had great success.

Well, my baby is napping so I need to get going.  The next 30 minutes are for me.  That's all!  Once spring REALLY comes, I will go back outside and spend more time or I might find a zumba class once in a while.  For now, I just can't.  I think that is the key, you have to work with what you have.  Don't have money, no problem!  Don't have a lot of time, no problem.  I find myself just making an excuse because I'm not in the situation I want to be.

Thanks for the emails on facebook yesterday!!  I love to hear from you and I hope that we can encourage each other.

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