Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I need discipline in my life!  I love all the freedom I have, but there comes a time, (like when you can't get your last 10 pounds(or so) of baby weight to come off by baking and eating cookies every few days) that I need to make some changes.  These are changes that I have done in the past and they work!!!  I have lost weight before, so here I go again.  I am going to try, that is the key word as I get so busy at home with life, to keep a journal so everyone can look into my misery.  Before I lay it all out for everyone to look at I do have some rules.
1. Don't judge!  I am considering putting everything out there like my weight and everyday struggles.  Once I post those things, it may seem to some that my weight is fine and silly to think I am overweight. To others, they will be shocked and think it's about time I get it together.  So, if you are one of my skinny friends, or not :), let's just agree that I need to do this.
2.  I have held off posting so much because I am getting caught up in editing.  I am just going to throw my thoughts out there, give it a quick once over, and POST!  So if you are the grammar police, this blog is NOT for you.
3.  Be encouraged!  I keep reading a friend's journey on facebook and it is encouraging me.

Well, here I go.  I have already started my journey at home so I have a head start.  I will try to post a little something everyday.  I may not link it to facebook always, so be looking and send me a note if you are interested.

Six months ago I weighed just shy of 180lbs.  I of course was pregnant, but it doesn't just melt of anymore at 36 like it did back when I was 24 having babies.  I am 36 and I realized today that I have to stay healthy for me and my kids!  I will be 54 when my baby graduates from High School.  So this journey will not be about how "hot" I want to be, (which I am sorry I really hate that word), but how healthy I need to be.  This isn't about vanity, it's about vitality!  I want to be healthy, so here I go.

I just actually measured out a TBSP of peanut butter, seriously, that is it?

Check back tomorrow!

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  1. Love it, and can't wait to read more!!!! You'll do great!~